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Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Model: 800 Series
2" to 8" Bore Size, 3000PSI

Materials for Making 800 Series Welded Hydraulic Cylinder
To guarantee reliable performance and durability of our hydraulic welded cylinders, we adopt high grade ductile iron to produce the cylinder head and the piston.
The cylinder barrel is an internally honed, cold drawn tube.
The piston rod is made of chromed C45 steel and the end cap of our welded hydraulic cylinder is made of C45 steel or cast iron.
The piston seal is a urethane ring with nylon backup washers, and the cylinder head seal is a polyurethane U-cup.
The rod wiper is made of PU.

Mounting Type
Sleeve installation

Our welded hydraulic cylinders are coated with semi-gloss black paint.

800 series hydraulic welded body cylinders are customizable. They are designed for 3000 PSI hydraulic service.

Dimensional Data of 800 Series Hydraulic Welded Cylinder (Unit: inch)

1. List above is the typical dimensional data of our welded hydraulic cylinders.
2. The dimension of piston rod, port location and mounting dimension are customizable.

Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company is an experienced hydraulic welded cylinder manufacturer in China. We are specialized in design, manufacturing and marketing hydraulic equipment, like AC and DC hydraulic power units, tie rod hydraulic cylinder, and piston cylinder, and more. All our hydraulic products are made in rigid conformation with ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. Now, you can find our power packs and hydraulic cylinders in America, Germany, Italy and Estonia, etc. If you have any need on our products, please feel free to contact us.

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