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Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Model: 700 Series
11/2" to 5" Bore Size, 3000PSI

Materials for Making 700 Series Welded Hydraulic Cylinders
Both the cylinder head and the piston of our welded body cylinders are made of high grade ductile iron.
The cylinder barrel is an internally honed, cold drawn tube.
Both the piston rod and the end caps are made of C1045 steel.
The cylinder head seal is a polyurethane U-cup, and the piston seal is made of urethane rubber.
The rod wiper is made of PU.

Pins eye mounting.

Our welded hydraulic cylinders are available in three colors, that is, black, grey and red.
700 series welded hydraulic cylinder is designed for 3000 PSI double hydraulic service.

Dimensional Data of 700 Series Hydraulic Welded Cylinder (Unit: inch)

Note: List above is the typical dimensional data of our welded hydraulic cylinders.

As a professional welded hydraulic cylinder manufacturer based in China, we can also produce many other hydraulic products, like DC hydraulic power units, AC power packs, tie rod cylinders, piston type cylinders, and more. Due to their reliable quality and competitive price, these hydraulic cylinders and power units have been exported to America, Japan, Korea, Australia, and more.
Really appreciate your interest in our products. For more detailed information, please pick up your phone and give us a call. We at Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company look forward to cooperating with you.

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